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What You Get on BeFiSc

About BeFiSc

BeFiSc is a highly trusted identity verification platform that financial institutions, government agencies, and businesses use.

It uses an AI/ML-based approach and considers every aspect of a person’s identity to provide the most accurate and up-to-date fraud detection and verification capabilities in real time.

Products to Know User Persona

Look up to your customer's marketing persona with the right set of AI/ML-based API solutions.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Verify all types of identities to ensure the genuineness of your customers and users.

Know Your Business (KYB)

Validate partners, clients, and customers' businesses before onboarding to reduce risks.

Fraud Indicators

Check if two different PAN and Aadhar identities are linked with each other through unique APIs.

Mobile Number Lookup

Preliminary check of the mobile number to verify the identity and possible digital engagement.

Utility Verification

Verifying utilities used by customers was a challenge, it is now resolved by BeFiSc.

Vehicle Verification

Ensure the users’ possession of the vehicles with insurance expiry and challans details.

Financial Checks

Verify the possession of bank accounts and other financial checks of your customers.

Digital Footprints

Build your users’ profiles by ensuring their presence on multiple digital platforms.

How BeFiSc Benefits Your Business

The flexibility to integrate within your business applications makes BeFiSc more accessible. Below are some advantages your business can have with BeFiSc’s solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Churn the most from your automation processes without an effect on your revenue with our most aggressive costing.

Fraud Signals

Get the most accurate scam signals during the onboarding journey with a 360-degree view to prevent loss.

Higher Success Ratio

To ensure maximum uptime and quick response, we built our solutions with backup systems.

Built for Developers by Developers

BeFiSc solutions are built considering your integration timeline, response time, document clarity, and a lot more.

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