About Us

Beyond Financial Score (BeFiSc) is a fraud and risk management platform offering multiple protection layers. It quickly and accurately evaluates identity and transactions to keep your business safe. Trust our platform to protect you & your customers from fraudulent activity.

Founding Story

We founded BeFiSc by improving and expanding the industry standard KYC tools we built from scratch over a decade. We launched the company foreseeing the future of the tools available in the market and re-engineered them to provide solutions for real-world scenarios. We establish BeFiSc as a leading software service in its domain with a future-ready and scalable solution. 

We Do

At BeFiSc, we empower you to identify and validate your user and target audience details. 

We build powerful software and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you stay safe from internet fraud. Our team helps automate your processes of knowing your users by building ML and AI-based tools for business records, KYC, and data enrichment. 

At BeFiSc, we process data, optimize, authenticate and deliver what you need.


We are a business-centric solutions provider. Our vision is to build the best suite of AI/ML-based tools to solve businesses' identity verification problems. With the right expertise and exposure in the fintech domain, we look forward to building a reliable ecosystem for fraud detection and verifications.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to take our client's user authentication, verification processes, and decision-making to the next level! By combining data, tech, ML, and AI, we aim to build flawless user verification and data enrichment tools with seamless integrations with our client's products.

Behind BeFiSc

Meet the expert who thought, built, and made BeFiSc the dynamic solution provider to safeguard businesses.

Shobhit Goyal
Founder & CEO

Shobhit comes with a decade of experience in scaling and building digital due diligence technology in the fintech,insurance, healthcare, gaming, transportation, and e-commerce space. Shobhit has developed an in-depth understanding digitizing customer & business onboarding journeys to comply with regulations in the global market. He is committed to providing businesses with efficient and secure solutions for compliance and fraud detection checks.

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