BeFiSc Solutions: Beyond Financial Scores

Our identity verification solutions help strengthen trust, safety, and compliance by verifying the identity of individuals and organizations.

Improve trust and compliance during the onboarding process and beyond with a comprehensive digital identity solution powered by AI/ML. BeFiSc solution allows you to efficiently acquire new customers, reduce costs, and meet global Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations through automation.

Know Your Customer

Ensure the customer’s identity in a business transaction to check the reputation of users to prevent fraud & money laundering.

Utility Verification

Verify utility via mobile number and customer ID to check the authenticity of gas connections, telecom lines, and electricity.

Know Your Business

Ensure and verify your partner’s and clients’ authenticity before onboarding to avoid fraud and reduce the risk and financial crimes.

Vehicle Verification

Check the registered driving license and vehicle details with insurance expiry, challans, owner details, and vehicle maker info.

Fraud Indicators

A unique API solution to reduce the identity risk and ensure that users' given PAN card and Aadhaar card are linked and verified.

Financial Checks

Verify the bank account details via penny drop, active status, and other financial checks to avoid minimizing and failing transfers.

Mobile No. Lookup

Preliminary check of the mobile number to verify the identity and possible digital engagement of users in the banking landscape.

Digital Footprints

Build your user profile by ensuring their presence on multiple digital platforms and use the data to identify their digital presence.

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