Reduce Risk and Penalties
Before Onboarding Businesses

BeFiSc’s KYB solution streamlines due diligence procedures and provides high-quality, reliable, and the latest information about the legitimacy and registered status of any company you work with. This helps you to make informed decisions and do business confidently with each other.

What You Get on BeFiSc

KYB Solution

It is important to establish and maintain relationships with new customers, suppliers, and partners around the world, to ensure the success of your business. Verifying the identities, creditworthiness, and authenticity of entities can be time-consuming and costly.

BeFiSc’s KYB solutions obtain information from multiple sources to make the onboarding process easier for you.

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We have built powerful AI/ML-based products to strengthen your business verification processes. Check them out:

How to Use Our KYB Solutions?

Prevent your company from money laundering risks and verify the businesses in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Select the KYB API

Step 2

Provide the required detail to fetch records

Step 3

View, export, or print user details in desired formats

Improve your Due Diligence
Explore Our KYB Solutions

Benefits of our
KYB Solutions

Reduce the risk of fraud and penalties for your business with the best AI/ML-based business verification.

Verify Authenticity

Ensure confidence in your business dealings by verifying the authenticity of any entity with which you are interacting. Make informed decisions and trade confidently.

Financial Loss

Mitigate the risks of conducting business with a fraudulent company by verifying their legitimacy and registered status. Our KYB APIs help you avoid fraudulent organizations, financial losses, non-compliance penalties, and more.

Streamline Onboarding

Reduce manual efforts, friction, and paper-based processes. Our KYB solution help accelerate the process, make it more efficient, and allow you to establish relationships with new customers, suppliers, and partners swiftly.

Save Time & Money

Automating your due diligence processes help save your organization both time and money. The solutions provide details instantly and free up your staff from redundant work, allowing them to focus on other productive tasks.

What Makes Us Different?

We ACE at what we do! Here are some more that place us on top in this domain.

Highest Level of Accuracy

We test data meticulously to ensure the highest level of accuracy and zero errors.

Domain Expertise

Nearly 60 years of domain expertise in the fintech space.

Beyond Verification

Provide all identity and data enrichment services under one platform to provide a 360-degree view.

Highest Uptime

99.99% uptime through our robust fallback system, despite integration with multiple sources.

Plug n Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Low code solution with sample codes for easy integration.

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