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KYC solutions from BeFiSc enable you to efficiently onboard new customers and identify potentially fraudulent activity while reducing costs.

What You Get on BeFiSc

KYC Product

Our KYC products help organizations stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements and provide a comprehensive approach to KYC lifecycle management. The KYC process includes ID verification (PAN/VoterID), face verification, and document verification, such as utility bills as proof of address, driving license & Vehicle RC verification, etc.

Our team brings extensive knowledge and industry-specific expertise to ensure smooth and effective KYC processes.

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We have built powerful AI/ML-based solutions to strengthen your onboarding processes. Check them out:

How to Use Our KYC Solutions?

Prevent your business from fraudsters and verify your customers in these 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Select the KYC API

Step 2

Provide the required detail to fetch records

Step 3

View, export, or print user details in desired formats

Improve your Due Diligence
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Benefits of Our
KYC Solutions

Design a streamlined onboarding process that efficiently verifies customers, ensures compliance with relevant regulations, and effectively detects fraud.

Evaluating Borrower Risk

Make informed decisions and effectively manage potential risks in the fintech industry. Get an understanding of your customers through the Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions to establish a strong risk profile of your customers.

Streamlined Customer Onboarding

Improves your Know Your Customer (KYC) processes by integrating digital technologies and automation. Get assistance in conducting a thorough due diligence exercise, streamlining, and improving the efficiency of your KYC processes.

Real-time and Simple

Get instant verifications of users within your applications. Our REST APIs are simple to integrate, and we offer round-the-clock tech support.

Advance Technology

We use artificial intelligence to power our advanced OCR system, which processes all Govt ID documents.

What Makes Us Different?

We ACE at what we do! Here are some more that place us on top in this domain.

Highest Level of Accuracy

We test data meticulously to ensure the highest level of accuracy and zero errors.

Domain Expertise

Nearly 60 years of domain expertise in the fintech space.

Beyond Verification

Provide all identity and data enrichment services under one platform to provide a 360-degree view.

Highest Uptime

99.99% uptime through our robust fallback system, despite integration with multiple sources.

Plug n Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Low code solution with sample codes for easy integration.

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