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Utility Verification Solution

Want to know the household necessity subscriptions of users or verify their details in the connections? Our AI/ML-powered utility API gets you all the data that you need.

What You Get on BeFiSc

Utility Verification Solution

Gain enhanced insights into your customers by utilizing automated access to consumer and business utility data such as gas, electricity, and telecom data.

Use the alternative data for credit scoring and explore the new sources of revenue, reduce risk, and bridge the lending gap.

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Utility Verification APIs

Securely verify customers’ ID, address, and other details from utility bills with our AI/ML-powered APIs.

How to Use Our Utility Solutions?

Get insights from user accounts and enrich your database with details to profile them better in these 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Select the utility API

Step 2

Provide the required detail to fetch records

Step 3

View, export, or print user details in desired formats

Enrich your User Data
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Benefits of our
Utility Verification Solution

Single API

Get access to details from various utility companies & bill data via a single API.

Detailed Insights

Get every detail on the bill, as well as an image of the original documents.

Cost Reduction

Reduces the cost of verifying user details by eliminating the lethargic paperwork and waiting time.

What Makes Us Different?

We ACE at what we do! Here are some more that place us on top in this domain.

Highest Level of Accuracy

We test data meticulously to ensure the highest level of accuracy and zero errors.

Domain Expertise

Nearly 60 years of domain expertise in the fintech space.

Beyond Verification

Provide all identity and data enrichment services under one platform to provide a 360-degree view.

Highest Uptime

99.99% uptime through our robust fallback system, despite integration with multiple sources.

Plug n Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Low code solution with sample codes for easy integration.

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