Check Vehicle Details with
Vehicle Verification Solution

Determine if a vehicle is stolen or confirm if the individual claiming to own the vehicle is, in fact, the legitimate owner. Check the challans issued against a particular RC and more.

What You Get on BeFiSc

Vehicle Verification Solution

Reduce the risk of vehicle theft, fraud, and other criminal activities related to vehicles with our AI/ML-based API solutions.

Confidently board vehicles and individuals, knowing that the vehicle is legitimate, registered with a regional transport office, and linked to a specific person. Just provide the vehicle RC number to fetch corresponding details from our platform, safely & securely, via a single API through our platform from various RTOs in the country.

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Vehicle Verification APIs

We have built powerful solutions to strengthen your vehicle verification processes. Check them out:

The RC vehicle verification API helps to establish a connection between the vehicle and its owner and helps in reducing fraud.

How to Use the KYC product?

Prevent your business from fraudsters and verify your customers in these 3 easy steps. 

Step 1

Select the vehicle verification API

Step 2

Provide the required detail to fetch records

Step 3

View, export, or print user details in desired formats

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Explore Our Vehicle Verification Solutions

Benefits of our
Vehicle Verification Solutions

Smoothen your onboarding process with correct details of your users’ registration certificates and driving license.

Minimize Fraud

Prevent fraudsters from being accepted during the initial onboarding process.

Wider Coverage

Get DL and RC data from various RTOs across the states for wider coverage.

Bond of Trust

Help save time, protect against identity theft, and build a bond of trust with your customers.

Peace of Mind

Stay ahead of document fraud by verifying the given information with the official database in real-time.

What Makes Us Different?

We ACE at what we do! Here are some more that place us on top in this domain.

Highest Level of Accuracy

We test data meticulously to ensure the highest level of accuracy and zero errors.

Domain Expertise

Nearly 60 years of domain expertise in the fintech space.

Beyond Verification

Provide all identity and data enrichment services under one platform to provide a 360-degree view.

Highest Uptime

99.99% uptime through our robust fallback system, despite integration with multiple sources.

Plug n Play

Simple and user-friendly interface. Low code solution with sample codes for easy integration.

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