Return & Refund Policy

Integration Fee

The licensee agrees to pay BeFiSc a non-recoupable, non-refundable Integration fee of Rs. 5000 or above, which is payable at the time of signing up for our services.

Monthly Billing

The BeFiSc monthly billing fee is payable at the beginning of your billing cycle and is non-refundable.

Suppose a subscription is not discontinued or canceled by the user. In that case, the Company has the right to renew the subscription as per subscribed plan and associated terms automatically, without prior initiation from the User. In such an event, no refund of fees will be processed. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

BeFiSc does not entertain any request or demand for refund fees paid towards the subscription for the services. The fees paid towards the subscription shall not be refunded unless such claim arises due to the breach in any terms of services by BeFiSc.

Users can discontinue/cancel/unsubscribe from their subscription/account for all or part of the Services subscribed to from the Company anytime. However, in such an event, the company is not liable to refund any fees paid by the User to the company towards the use of services.

Feel free to contact us at to extend the validity of your credits if you are facing interruptions in your service originating from our end for an extended period.